Friday, 11 February 2011


Hello everyone - so sorry I haven't posted for a while but it is absolute chaos here!  We are having the kitchen renovated and have hjad 3 walls knocked down and everything else ripped out and we have been told it's all going to take another fortnight!!!!  I am going insane over the mess that's everywhere as all the kitchen stuff and food etc is in the living room and to top it all I have to empty my craft room as all the commotion in the next room caused some of the plaster to drop off the wall so they have to re-plaster in here as well!
Plus I am busy trying to stock the shop and chasing wholesalers and things so I am going to meet myself coming back at some point.
Hopefully I will make a card soon (Have got to make hubby's Valentine's card over the weekend) and be able to post some nice pictures. 
Anyhoo, back to the chaos - one last thing if there are any budding stamp designers out there I will be looking for designs shortly to produce some 'Ladybug' brand stamps so if you fancy seeing your name in rubber (LOL) let me know.
Back soon

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