Sunday, 10 February 2013

Using up my stash!

Hi all, well it's a pretty dreary day here and I am still recovering from some horrid flu type bug so am feeling a little fragile.  Anyway, I thought that i should probably start to use my mountains of craft stash rather than just keep adding to it!  My favourite thing is rubber stamping but I also have lots and lots of other paper crafting things that I have bought in the past thinking 'well I could use that', and 'oh I love that' and my favourite 'well it's too good a bargain not to buy' LOL. As a result I can barely move in 2 craft rooms and with all the other crafting things I do (knitting, sewing, painting plus a multitude of other things I have on my to do list) I really need to use some of it - plus I think my husband may divorce me if stuff piles up too much more!!
So I thought I would share a couple of small projects using some Tilda stuff that I have had for an age (although it was really hard as I just love the paper pad LOL).  The first thing is a card;

Different for me as there is absolutely no stamping, plus there is no matting and layering - just the papers which I edged with an alcohol marker.  I just love the floral brad in the corner (that was difficult using that - I really don't want to use the others I have now - what if I need them for something in the future and they're all gone????).  Anyway, I love these colours so thought I would do a little gift bag along the same lines;

Again no matting, just the edging with a marker.  I really liked these but they've been bought now so I won't get to keep them (am I the only one who finds it hard to part with the things they've made?  It's not that I think they're amazingly brilliant - I think it's just because I spend so much time on some projects that when they get given away, or sold etc it's hard to think that someone may just throw it away).

I hope you like my Tilda things - However, I still have mountains of stash to use so have lots to do!!


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