Friday, 6 May 2011

My first attempt at a hand knitted bag

I've been feeling really rotten lately and not really up to sitting at my desk to craft.  As I am comfiest on my bed it is almost impossible to get lots of papercrafting stuff onto the bed so I can craft there as I never know what I'm going to need and so end up with piles of stuff everywhere that just has to be taken back into my craft room at the end of the day.  So I thought I would give knitting a go as I haven't done any for years.  At the trade show in February I saw a book by Ella Rae for knitted bags that are felyted and I just loved them.  I tried to get the pattern book everywhere in the UK to no avail but finally found a great company in the USA who were willing to ship internationally.  So a big thankyou to Coveted Yarn who are the most helpful firm to deal with.
Anyway i finally got the book and managed to get the wool and after just a few days I had managed to knit all the components for my bag.  I gthen had the nerve wracking task of felting them all in a hot wash in my front loading machine.  Anyway that seemed to work so I stitched all the bits together along with some lovely handles and this is what I ended up with;

I am so chuffed with this as it actually looks like a bag that would cost a fair bit of money in one of those fancy gift stores.
I am now just waiting to get the right coloured thread to stitch together my next bag and I will post piccies as soon as it is done.


  1. Hi Sam, sorry you're having a rough time with your health - I can empathise there... Great bag.Wow!!!You've done a great job.Keep smiling.Love Debbie x

  2. Sam.....WOW this is so stinking cute!! If I would see this in a store I would surely snatch it up. You did a wonderful job on it!!

  3. WOW!! This is AWESOME!! You are so talented! Hope you feel better soon!