Friday, 5 November 2010

Blog Award

Well I have been awarded this nifty blog award by my friend Frea.
I can now pass this on to five friends as long as I state three things that make me different so here goes;
1)I love crafting but on top of this I am about to embark on my dissertation year to gain my Masters in Classical Studies
2) Although I am disabled physically I like to think that I don't let it get me down and I still have lots of things I want to do with my life
3)An d the third thing is difficult to think of but I suppose it would be that I try to see the good in everyone but I know that all crafters are the nicest people and I am glad to follow so many talented people on their blogs

So now to pass it on.  I choose Jacquyi (AKA Cats whiskers ) who has inspired me no end and was lovely when I met her at the NEC today.  Secondly there is Lou, also a great source of inspiration.  Third comes Fleur who makes wicked cards along with Jennifer from the Squiggles DT and finally Leonie who is so funny on the tv and good fun to watch.
Finally here is the link that you need to post when you claim your award;
Thanks again Frea


  1. Well done Sam, you really deserve it, thanks so much for mine ~ It's a real honour & I really do appreciate it. Will put it on my blog soon, going to the NEC tomorrow ~ SOOOOOO Excited!
    Take care
    BIG HUGZ Fleur xXx

  2. Hi!Sam,how you doing?the NEC was great and hope you are enjoying your new crafty treats :)
    I didn't go mad,got a few bits i liked and had such a nice time with Fleur looking at everything.

    Thank you soooooo much for the award,very lovely of you.
    take care,hugs Lou.xx