Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cricut Gypsy

This is a real quickie as I am worn out from going around the NEC yesterday (bought lots of goodies to play with though so no excuse not to post some pretty cards really soon).  Anyway I found out yesterday that if you update your Gypsy and switch to Cricut sync rather than Gypsy sync ( people who own the Gypsy will understand this) you get five free cartridges uploaded to your Gypsy!!!  I was dead chuffed - you get Blackletter, Indie art, Smiley cards, printing press and tags, bags, boxes and more.
So pass it on if you know anyone with a gypsy just in case they don't know - I only found out coz I was on an American blog that was talking about it so there we go.  I am probably the only one who didn't know this but just in case I thought I'd mention it!

speak soon

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