Thursday, 6 January 2011

Adding a watermark

I've been trying for the best part of an hour now to attach a watermark to my photos.  I have been using Adobe photoshop elements 6.0 but I just can't do it!!  Tried everything but can't group them together and the watermark ends up with a grey or white block behind it rather than just being a nice white outline.  Does anyone know where there might be a tutorial on how to do this?  I am starting to tear my hair out over it now.  I am useless with computers LOL.
Any advice gratefully received


  1. I have a tutorial, but it's french. It's not with a watermark, but it's the same thing. Hope that's help you!

  2. Hi Sam, I use photoscape ~ it's a free download for editing photos, i add my scruffed edge too. I got my watermark from whimsey stamps, they cost about $3 there are loads of fab designs and for a few extra $ you can get a matching signature.
    Hope this helps
    Hugz fleur xXx

  3. Hey Sam I had the same trouble lol! I knew adobe would do it but didn't know how! Anyway I dowloaded GIMP free and I have a watermark from Whimsy too. You just go to file and open the page with the card open another with the watermark and copy and paste the watermark to the card in the edit section, you can resize and move it too, hugs Rebekah xx

  4. hi sam. i downloaded picasa free, super easy photo editing just wright what you want and click enter and voila, its done ( its hard to explaine, but everything is explained in there, super easy) and my computer didnt crasch or anything,lol. im really bad with computers, so if i think its easy it has to be. good luck!