Sunday, 23 January 2011

Something a bit different (again)

Hello everyone - thought I would post a few pictures while I feel up to it ;o)  First one then is something a little different in that it isn't stamped!! So here it is-

 So this is a really simple Kraft card with a ;itt;e bit of stamping (well there had to be some)  and then a ribbon flower that I have made.  I was chuffed with this and I think it's really cute.  I just topped the centre of with a couple of buttons with some raffia and a little raffia bow at the bottom.
Not sure you can see from the photo, but the stem actually reads 'if friends were flowers I'd pick you'.  Thought this would make a really nice just because kind of card.
I really should find an outlet for my cards as I am making them and just popping them in boxes  -soon I'll be up to my neck in cards LOL

Back in a minute with more cards


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